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Revive the whole functionality, style, and comfort of your living spaces with our exceptionally versatile and stylish sofa bed in Dubai. We provide queen and king size sleeper sofas of awe-inspiring styles for luxury apartments and villas. Reserve your order for a fold able sofa graceful interior upgrade.

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Extensive Variety

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We Deliver High Quality Living Room Sofa Bed Dubai

Sofa Bed Dubai is the leading store to provide heavy-duty, modern, and durable furnishing accessories made with the ideal combination of natural and synthetic materials. Our excellent craftsmanship ensures the creation of a long-lasting foldable corner sofa in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Best Value For Investment

You can buy a futon or convertible sleeper sofa with quality assurance to get the best value for money.

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Distinct Styles & Types of Sleeper Sofa

2 Seater Sofa Bed

To give your living spaces a quick makeover, we provide you with an entirely purposeful and stylish convertible 2-seater sofa and bed in Dubai. Our sofa cum bed comes with an extraordinary styles and features.

2 Seater

Seating & Sleeping

Adaptable Styles

Perfect For Small Spaces

Enhanced Convenience

Easy To Maintain

L Shaped Sofa Bed

It is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can be utilized as the corner sofa in your living space. These sofas come with a diversity of styles and attributes as follows:


Extraordinary Seating

Space-efficient Treatment

Highly Comfortable

Cost Effective Solution

Easy To Use & Handle

Single Sofa Bed

With a single sofa, you can get two-in-one furniture pieces for the living room embellishment. These pull out sectional sofas are the best choice for setting and styling your homes. These sofas:


Take up less space

Convenient to Deal With

Have Sleek Profiles

Best For Overnight

Enhanced Interior Design

Foldable Sofa

Bed sofa is a multi-functional piece to incorporate into your living spaces that suit your aesthetics and personalized taste. You can give your spaces an extraordinary touch with our awe-inspiring cum bed sofa, futon, and daybeds.


Easy to Unfold and Open

Most Charming Addition

Ideal For Small Spaces

Good For Comfort

Easy to Aftercare

Storage Sofa Bed

A sleeper sofa with storage is an all-in-one solution for bedding, seating, and storing purposes. You can discover different styles for beds sofas with storage, and couches.


Space-saving choice

Comfortable Seating Option

Visual Enhancement

Functional Retreat

Easier Cleaning Routine

Classic Sofa bed Dubai


20% Discount Price


Velvet upholstery

Leather upholstery

Leather upholstery

cotton upholstery

cotton upholstery

Linen curtains

Linen curtains

silk upholstery

silk upholstery

Unveiling The Style Range For Our Stylish Sofa Bed Dubai

Bring glamor and instant style to your residencies by having our traditional and modern-style bed sofas. Our energy and space-efficient sofas are available with exclusive design options to enhance the whole space’s aesthetics and visual appeal. These sofas, complemented by exquisite upholstery with padded seating and backing, tufted framing, buttoned designs, inspirational colors, and a variety of sizes, are the timeless choice for a styling boost. For your living rooms, you can purchase our queen and king-size sleeping sofas made from a variety of fabric materials.

Fabric Tufted Framing

Fabric Tufted Framing

Wood Supporting Materials

Wood Supporting Materials

Durable Upholstery Materials

Durable Upholstery Materials

Comfy Padding & Foaming

Comfy Padding & Foaming

Stylish Bed Sofas

Core Features Of Sofa Bed

Design Profiles

You can get them in a wide assortment of styles.

Efficient Space Usage

These sofas help in optimizing the use of space.

Added Comfort

They offer the convenience of timeless conversion into beds.

Extra Storage

You can get a sofa bed Dubai with storage for storage purposes.

Guest Beds

They can be utilized as guest beds, offering peaceful sleep.

Affordable Sleeper Sofas

Style Your Place With Our Affordable Sleeper Sofas

Optimize the space and functionality of your living spaces with our reasonably priced sofas. We provide cheap foldable bed sofas to style the living rooms of your homes, apartments, villas, and penthouses. Additionally, you can get our modern sofas to incorporate in your outdoors for taking a sunbath. These stylish sleeping sofas are designed using premium quality materials to enhance the whole serviceability of the space.

Long Lasting Solution

Our insanely durable bed sofas can last for many years straight.

Cost Effective Treatment

You can save up the costs of buying a new bed with these sleeper sofas.

Get Extraordinary Discounts On Our Sofa Bed Online Purchase

Transform the style, comfort, and practicality of your spaces by shopping for a highly efficient, durable, and affordable sofa sleeping bed. We provide regular and festive discounts on ordering these luxury convertible sofas online in Dubai.

Customized sofa bed in UAE

Get A Customized Convertible Sleeping Sofa For An Ideal Fit

Bring elegance, style, and functionality to your living spaces by adding our ideally customized sofa cum bed. We offer the facility of customization for the folding sofas to provide you with a well-coordinating piece according to the space layout and interior scheme. Our multi-purpose and space-saving sofas can be customized in terms of:

Padding, Webbing, And Framing

Upholstery Color, Design, and Materials

Why Prefer Us For Sofa Bed In Dubai?

As the top-notch supplier of bed sofas, we’ve come up with trendsetting furniture essentials for your functionality and comfort provision. By selecting us, you can avail:

Luxury Sofa Upholstery Dubai
Free Design Samples

Free Design Samples

We show you manifold samples to pick a design for your sleeping sofa.

Instant Price Quotations

Instant Price Quotations

After design selection, you can get an instant cost estimate for the chosen style.

threshold shipping

Threshold Shipping

Your chosen sofa will be delivered right on time at your respective location.

Featured Service

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Sleeper sofas come with cushioned paddings, however, they needed a special kind of mattress for folding and unfolding purposes. However, you cannot utilize regular thick mattresses because they cannot be folded easily. While specialized sleeper sofa mattress is relatively thin and flexible when it comes to folding.

These sleeping sofas are available in a variety of sizes according to the accommodation of a maximum number of people. You can purchase king-queen size, twin full-size, small, and standard size sofa for your living spaces.

Yes! We offer the personalization of these sleeper sofas in every aspect including color. You can customize the upholstery fabrics, supporting materials, colors tones, shapes, styles, and above all sizes to suit the unique size dimensions of your rooms.

The sofa foldable bed is created using different types of foaming, webbing, framing, upholstery, and supporting materials. For upholstery, cotton, silk, leather, linen, acrylic, and suede are common. For supporting and foaming, metal and wood cotton and latex are used respectively.