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Create an ideal space to sleep in your bedroom by shopping for our super comfy, durable, stable, and affordable mattress and futons. Our high-performance soft furnishing element is perfectly suitable for every type of bed.

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Get 100% Stability & Support With Our Durable Bed Mattress

Sofa Bed Dubai is the top-notch destination to select for purchasing high-performance yet soft mattress. We provide these soft furnishing elements for improvised comfort and purposeful functionality. Considering the daily wear and tear, you can select any style and material from our broad foam and futon collection.

Ideally Manufactured

For foams or waterproof protective covers, we guarantee you the best quality.

Maximum Comfort
Enhanced Comfort

The level of comfort and warmth can be optimized with our medicated foams.

Get To Know About Our Mattress Variety

Single Bed Mattress

We provide polyfoam or hybrid options for your bed foams.

Double Bed Mattress

You can get an innerspring or pillowtop for your double beds.

King Size Bed Mattress

We provide king-size memory foam for comfortable sleep.

Foldable Bed Foams

With flexible thickness, these foams can be folded when not in use.

Our New Mattress Collection

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comfortable mattress for bed
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We Provide A1 Quality Foams At Highly Affordable Prices

As a trustworthy bed store in the UAE Market, we provide you custom headboards and mattress made from latex, foam, cotton, wool, silk, and innerspring materials. For filling purposes, natural cotton, wool, latex, and rubber crumbs are used, ensuring cushioning and sustainability.

Even with low prices, we guarantee the finest mattress construction & finishing.

You can get a warranty and quality assurance for pre-made as well as custom foams.

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Key Benefits Of Having Our Quality Bed Mattress

Revive the comfort, style, and functionality of your sleeping place by adding our mattresses that you can get online. Our high-quality foams are designed keeping health perspectives in mind, featuring various practical attributes.

Improved Sleep

Improved Sleep

You can get enough sleep as our foams mattress offer enough depth for a comfortable sleeping posture.

Straight Posture

Straight Posture

They will relieve back pain and offer spinal alignment, contributing to improved health.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Our comfy foams with cotton and wool filling are excellent choices for energy insulation.

Long-Lasting Solution

Long-Lasting Solution

You can purchase our medicated mattresses to get over-lasting physiological support.

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Style Your Luxury Beds With Our Comfy Custom Mattresses

To improve the appearance and comfort of your furnishing elements, we provide you with a wide options for customized bed mattresses. To coordinate with your bed style and size and based on the daily wear and tear, you can select from a variety of materials, coverings, shapes, and sizes of these soft interior furnishings.

Whether it’s a wooden bed for kids or a metal one for youngsters, you can personalize mattress to suit your flexible requirements. Besides foam materials, you can also get customized covers for the protection purpose of your bed essentials.

Our Mattress Features

Lasting Quality

Lasting Quality

Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support

Moisture wicking

Moisture Wicking

Temperature regulation

Temperature Regulation

Why Choose Us For Bed Mattresses in Dubai?

Sofa Bed Dubai is a top-notch shop to purchase premium quality foams to restore the comfort and functionality of your bed.We deliver long-lasting foams that perfectly align with your bed size and style. Get our online services in the comfort of your home at discounted rates.

Free Samples & Estimates
Free Samples & Estimates

Request a quotation for your desired style and ask for price quotes.

Timely Threshold Shipping
Timely Threshold Shipping

We ensure the timely delivery of your selected item at your spaces.

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What Our Customers Says

Please take a moment to explore the feedback from our valued customers regarding our product. Their experiences offer valuable insights into the quality and effectiveness of what we offer.

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