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We present to you the remarkable service of Sofa Repair Dubai for the ultimately excellent revival of all your damaged sofas and couches. Our services are highly efficient and cost-effective and will help you make the most out of your existing furnishing.

sofa repairing service in Dubai
Sofa Repair
Premium Fabrics

Premium Fabrics

Damage-resistant Treatments

Heavy-duty Hardware

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Damage Resistant

Quick Servicing

Quick Servicing

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We Offer The Fastest Sofa-fixing Treatments

With our excellence, you can say farewell to the expenses of new (and costly) furniture as we can breathe new life into all your old and boring furniture items. Our sofa repair services are vast and versatile to provide well for every requirement and you can ensure benefiting the most from every piece that’s dear to you or has a lot of value.

Cosmetic Changes
Cosmetic Changes

Enjoy your favorite sofa styling.

Structural Improvements
Structural Improvements

Get ideal repairs and fixes.

The Range Of Sofa Restoration Services We Offer

Sofa Reupholstery

We make use of the finest quality fabrics for upholstery along with luxurious designing and finishing.

Frame Fixing

Get your broken sofa or couch frames fixed most seamlessly and rapidly by us and enjoy robust furnishing.

Sofa Cushion Repair

We provide all kinds of stitchings, coverings, fabrications, fillings, and customizations to make your sofas plush and attractive.

Sofa Stitching

Have your torn or ruptured sofa upholstery and cushions fixed in flawless ways by us for added comfort.

Our Latest Sofa Renovation Projects 2024

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High Quality Sofa Repair
Cheap Quality Sofa Repair
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leather sofa upholstery

Get The Finest Leather Sofa Repairs At 20% OFF

Leather sofas are a highly valuable investment and nobody wants to lose them just because of heavy staining or some ruptures. That’s when our premium-grade leather sofa and couch repair services come into play, mending every piece in astonishing ways. Our services will bring back all the beauty of your leather sofas and make them way more comfy than before.

Premium Discounts Available On Online Sofa Fixing Services

Sofa Repair At Home Service

get sofa repair service in Dubai

Benefits Of Our Sofa Repair Services 

Our sofa repairing services are meant to make every item maximally comfortable, beautiful, valuable, and long-lasting. This way, you can not just save your money but also ensure having the least impact on the environment.

Comfort Enhancement

Comfort Enhancement

Our services make every uncomfortable furniture item completely soft and cozy to use.

Hygiene Improvement

Hygiene Improvement

We make use of low-VOC and hypoallergenic upholstery fabrics to treat every furniture.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Our treatments make every item damage-resistant plus easy and cheap to care for.

Cost Effectivity

Cost Effectivity

With our sofa repair service, you can preserve antique and heirloom items for decades.

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Trust Us For A1 Quality Sofa Repairing Services

With us, you can benefit from proficient and cost-effective sofa treatments in the comfort of your home. Our services are available all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi and you can book every treatment online for ultimate convenience. Other than fixings, we provide the fastest customized sofa upholstery and reupholstery with which you can give a new and entirely personalized look to your desired sofa. We welcome you to discuss all your concerns and requirements with our experts for the best solutions.

Other Beneficial Services You Can Get

Free Fabric Samples_1

Free Fabric Samples

Unique Design Customizations

Unique Design Customizations

Pet-Kid-friendly Treatments

Pet/Kid-friendly Treatments

Free Sofa Measurements

Free Sofa Measurements

Why Choose Us?

Sofa Bed Dubai is the best specialist you can find in the UAE for all kinds of new and old furniture decor. In addition to the finest furnishing services, we offer complete sofa repair services as well for fixing, treating, and enhancing the items you own at the moment.

Free Pricing Quotes

Select your favorite sofa upholstery fabrics and get instant quotes

Free Online Consultations
Free Online Consultations

Reach out to our professionals for all requirements and queries

Sofa Repair Dubai
Praising Feedback

We encourage you to take a look at the feedback provided by our customers regarding our sofa repair service. Our customers’ testimonials speak volumes about the quality and reliability of our work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing varies with the intricacy of the project, the number of sofa seats, and whether or not you’re getting any additional features. Minor repairs cost around AED 100 to AED 300, whereas reupholstery treatments can be up to AED 500 or AED 1,500. Frame repairs can cost up to AED 500.

This depends on the condition of your sofa and any unique considerations related to it. Minor fixes like stitching of tears or tightening of loosened hinges can be done in less than an hour. Whereas, major tasks like sofa reupholstering or frame repairs can take between 5 days to 3 weeks.

Yes, you can get all kinds of couch repairs and treatments from us such as frame fixes, spring repairs or replacements, upholstering, reupholstering, design customizations, and the addition of storage or other features. Our services are available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and you can contact us 24/7.

Of course. We provide the finest, most seamless, and affordable couch reupholstery services using premium-quality fabrics. You can customize the new fabrication and have every desired print, pattern, or color design from us as well. This treatment will save you from buying new furniture.